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Cogent Diamond Hydride Columns with Bio-Inert Dursan Coating.

Dursan® "Metal Free" HPLC Column Hardware.    

  • Bio-inert Frits and Columns.
  • Metal Free Flow Path.
  • Better than Untreated Steel, Titanium or PEEK.

The Dursan surface treatment uses a functionalized, silica-like coating  for stainless steel frits and column tubes. The coating is very robust and thin (~400 - 1600nm) that modfies the contact surface your analytes come in contact with to be metal free and somewhat hydrophobic.

Key Features of Dursan Coated Cogent HPLC Columns v. PEEK or Stainless Steel:

  1. Increased hardware robustness even under extreme salt or pH conditions. 
  2. Improved hardware inertness for many biological compounds.
  3. Improved hardware chemical compatibility with THF compared to PEEK.
  4. Improved hardware chemical compatibility with sulfur containing compounds .

The Dursan  technology achieves corrosive resistence similar to exotic materials but with a fraction of the costs. The Cogent Columns that are manufactured with Dursan Coating will allow you to use high salt concentrations and a very wide pH range but it is important to remember to remain in the specifiations of the stationary phase. No longer will the column hardware be the limiting factor for compounds or a mobile phase that will pit or damage the HPLC Column hardware.

Dursan can withstand extreme temperatures (-210°C - 450°C) that far exceeds the stationary phase specifications.

Not only for Bio-Inertness? Yes,  for some small molecule compounds that interact with stainless steel, we have found improved peak shape and peak height. These columns, depending on your sample may even provide better %RSD.

Benefits of Dursan Coated Cogent HPLC Columns
The Column hardware (frits and tubes) will not affect a sensitive pH balance in your sample or mobile phase. You can use pH extremes in your mobile phase but you must stay within the specifications of the stationary phase. The pH range of Dursan is 1-14.
Prevent hydrolysis or degradation of bioactivity that can result from stainless steel. This is mostly a result of samples passing through SS frits that are bio-inert. Improved Peak Shapes as well.
The coated flow path is hydrophobic (contact angle > 81°) and that minimizes interaction with or degradation of samples, especially when passing through the column frits which can be problematic on uncoated SS Frits.

More Information about Dursan Coatings:
Dursan Coating Website  Ordering Information - Diamond Hydride Columns

Dursan® is a registered trademark of SilcoTek, Inc., Bellefonte, PA, USA.




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