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Double Layer, Dynamic Coating Kits | Robust EOF | Improved CE Precision

A system with two buffer solutions that will make your CZE methods more quantifiable and increases EOF and precision. Using your instrument's automation, the coatings are applied and removed between each run.

CElixir™ Dynamic Solutions brings CE, with a pH range of 1.7 to 9.2, to your analyses with astonishing speed and precision. Unlike traditional CZE, the two ionic solutions of CElixir™ will produce very robust EOF in CZE allowing you to develop methods that are most optimal for your samples. You can now select the pH where your analytes are most ionized at or below your samples' pKa. Selectivity, efficiency and speed are now available to you with CZE.

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The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • Accelerator - Second layer of coating system and often the only run buffer you will need.

  • Anions Kits - Complete Kit with everything you need to separate and detect Anions and Organic Acids.

  • Cations Kits - Complete Kit of everything you need to separate and detect Cations.

  • CElixir-pH™ - Full range of different Accelerator solutions to do your own method development throughout the pH range up to 9.2.

  • CElixir SDS™ - Complete MEKC Kit which can be used to separate Neutral compounds or chiral compounds.

  • CElixirOA™ - Complete Kit to separate Anions and Organic Acids.

  • CElixir-Plus™ - Complete Kit to separate Cations.

  • CElixir-Pro™ - Complete Coating Kit to separate some proteins and peptides.

  • CEMS - Complete Coating Kit for use in CE with Mass Spectrometry.

  • CEofix™ - Dynamic Coatings Kit for serum proteins.

  • Development Kits - Low or High pH range combinations of sequential Accelerators includes the Initiator solution.

  • Protein Kits - Complete CE coating Kits when your samples are proteins.

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