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High-Speed Qualification HSQ™ Kit | Refractive Index and Fluorescence Kits | HOX

The PQ and HSQ Kits for HPLC are designed to allow you to test and document your instruments using NIST-Traceable standard reference materials and maintain your system in a Qualified State USP<1058>. A dedicated, premium, certified test column is provided with the Kit to ensure the scientific integrity of the test results. Both isocratic and gradient systems can be qualified, with variable wavelength or diode array detectors. The starter Kit includes everything you need to perform a Qualification on an HPLC instrument with a UV or PDA detector. To test Fluorescence or Refractive Index detectors, Accessory Kits are available to be used in conjunction with the starter HSQ™ Kit. The PQ™ Kit is a legacy product and is the same as the HSQ™ except it has a longer, 150mm HPLC Column.

The PQ and the HSQ Kit is comprised of 5 major components:

  • A series of NIST-Traceable calibration solutions, with a CoA (Certificate of Analysis).

  • An PQ™ or HSQ™ test column – Pre-validated for the test protocols and supplied with a Certificate of Performance. HSQ™ columns is 75mm x 4.6 and PQ™ is 150 x 4.6mm.

  • A validated Excel™ Template (protected) to compile, calculate and graph the test results.

  • A series of test protocols, which can be freely incorporated into your internal SOPs.

  • Un-limited Technical and Educational Support.

Kits sold will have at least six months until the expiration date. They are designed to be used promptly and often. Expiration date is two years after the date of manufacture.

  • Click HERE to review Contents of HSQ™ Kit with Specifications.

The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • Fluorescence Detection - Accessory Kit with solutions needed for use with the HSQ Kit™ to perform your own FL PQ.

  • Holmium Oxide Solutions - NIST Traceable, 4% solutions for wavelength calibration.

  • HSQ Kit™ - The Starter Kit with everything you need to perform PQ on your HPLC instrument with UV or PDA detectors.

  • Replacement Columns - Specially tested and certified HPLC columns used for PQ.

  • Replacement Solutions – Replacement Solutions used in the HSQ Kit™ for HPLC Performance Qualification.

  • Refractive Index Detection - Accessory Kit of solutions needed for use with HSQ Kit™ to perform RI PQ.

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