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Post Column Reactor - Boost your signal to noise ratio. 

  • Compact Post Column Photo Chemical Reactor

  • Economical

This post column photochemical reactor is compact and is placed between the HPLC column & the detector to perform on-line continuous photolytic derivatization. This action increases the sensitivity and/or selectivity of response from fluorescence, UV, chemical luminescence and electrochemical detectors.

The reactor includes a lamp holder, 254nm low pressure mercury lamp (shown above) and a holder (polished support plate) for the KRC, knitted reactor coils (shown inside the holder). The 12" plate supports longer coils while the 8" plate supports shorter coils. The reactor can accommodate either of the support plates. The KRC is made of PTFE and designed to be transparent to the 254nm UV energy.

Useful for barbiturates, amino acids, peptides, pesticides & aflatoxin determination

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