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Vials, Screw Top, Glass. Amber / Clear Insert, 300ul with Write-On Patch, Fused Insert™, Surface Treated, 9-425mm threads, 12x32mm outer dimensions. For use as an autosampler vial. RSA-Pro Brand. 100/PK.

Additional Info:

Vial is made with first hydrolytic, Class A, Type N51A, Borosilicate Glass, amberized. The fused-in vial insert is first hydrolytic, Class A, Type-33 Clear, Surface Treated, Reduced Surface Activity Borosilicate Glass. Low protein and peptide adsorbing, the surface treatment makes these vials much more hydrophobic than native glass. The Write-On Patch is ceramic and will resist smearing or scratching even when working with solvents. Amber vials are often used for light sensitive compounds and are considered low actinic.

Insert bottom depth, heights and alignment are designed, and QC controlled for maximum recovery and needle safety. The RSA™ Brand Fused Inserts sit slightly above the top lip of the vial. This unique feature allows for a near perfect seal with the cap's septa. These inserts are not attached to the bottom of the vial and do not suffer from cracking at this fused point and prevents leaking which can be observed in competitive brands.

RSA Glass is low adsorbing and will not add Na to sample solutions or compounds that cause pH changes. Click HERE for more information about RSA autosampler vials.

This is a very unique, 300ul, Fused Insert autosampler vial due to the RSA glass chemistry and a surface treatment, maximizing the surface hydrophobicity. Consistency from vial to vial and complete deactivation is one feature that sets these vials apart from silanized products. Good choice for low abundance analytes, many proteins and most peptides.

Surface treatment is a proprietary process.



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