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Caps, Headspace, Crimp Top, with White Silicone Rubber / White PTFE, High Purity Septa, fitted in Bimetallic, Magnetic, Blue Caps with 8mm center holes. For use with 20mm Crimp Top Headspace Vials. BASIK Brand. 100/PK.

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SIMILAR TO 95025-09-2S

High Purity Silicone Rubber / PTFE Septa with Durometer of 45 Shore A, (hardness) and 3.0mm thick with Ultra Low Bleed Rubber that is made with a proprietary process for ultra durability, purity and low extractables.

Excellent choice for highly sensitive analyses. The lower Durometer means that this is a softer Septa and therefore better for easier penetrations by autosampler needles. Wide temperature range from -60⁰ to 200⁰C.

Bimetallic caps are still magnetic but easier to crimp compared to all steel crimp caps.

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