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HPLC Column, Nova Similars C8 Octyl, 4um, 4.6mm ID x 150mm Length. Cogent Brand. 1 EA.


Additional Info:

This Cogent Nova Similars C8™ Octyl Stationary Phase is part of the Similars product line that has been a premium value used by HPLC laboratories for many years.

The "Type-B" Stationary Phase is end capped along with traditional bonding of an 8 carbon straight chain ligand to spherical shaped silica with very similar surface area to Nova-Pak® columns. This makes it an ideal Alternate in USP Methods that use the L7 Classification and Waters™ C8 Columns.

The 4µm Particle in this column makes it more efficient than a similar 5um column of the same phase and you will experience somewhat sharper peaks. However, due to the smaller particle size, there is a possibility of increased back pressure and methods that use longer columns and viscous solvents may exceed the pressure limits of your instrument. Used for hydrophobic or neutral compounds in Reversed Phase, this Octyl Phase is excellent for long chain fatty acids but expect less retention than with a C18 Column.

This is one of our Most Popular Nova Similars Columns.



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