Autosampler and Storage | Range of Types | Exclusive: Soft-Guard™

Not all caps are the same even if they look alike. The single most important function of Autosampler Caps is to properly seal with its companion vial. It must be matched to the same vial brand and chosen with care to ensure the performance you desire and expect.

Screw Caps are designed and manufactured to meet the thread and pitch of the vial threads to prevent leaking or evaporation due to improper cap alignment. All screw caps sold by MicroSolv™ meet all MicroSolv™ vials requirements for proper performance. Our most popular brand of screw caps have a Soft-Guard septa for easy pierce-ability. For highest purity, our AQR™, Advanced Quality, caps have virtually no detectable extractables even when using MS/MS.

Snap Caps are also designed to match the vial for performance. They are manufactured with a plastic material that has variable pliability from brand to brand. The angle and pitch of the cap "lugs", as well as the inner sealing ring are designed to work for specific vials. All MicroSolv™ Snap Caps work with all MicroSolv™ brands of Snap Top vials.

Soft-Guard Brand™ Screw Caps and Snap Caps are designed to match the septa to the autosampler for optimal penetration resistance and resealing.

Crimp Caps will provide the longest lasting seal if the caps are crimped properly and should only be used with serum finish vials. They are not recommended for use with Snap Top Vials.

Septa for different Caps are offered but care should be taken when handling them. Non-powder gloves should be worn to remove them from their packaging and upon insertion into a cap.

Different caps for HPLC and GC vials are described below.

  • Crimp Caps - Aluminum seals with chromatographic grade septa for 11mm, 13mm and 8mm caps. Magnetic, various colors and different types of septa.

  • Headspace Caps - Crimp and Screw type caps including magnetic for use with Headspace Vials. Various types of septa and caps including those made for Agilent™, CTC™ - Leap™, Perkin Elmer™ and Varian™ instruments.

  • Push Caps - Plastic caps made to be pressed (pushed) on to vials including 96 Position Vials and 96 Well Plates glass inserts.

  • Screw Caps - With choices of pre-slit, non-slit, bonded, fitted septas or solid caps are offered for HPLC, LC, MS and GC.  Various colors, sizes, septa types and tiers, including AQR™, AQ™, BASIK™, MicroSolv™ & Soft-Guard™ brands of caps are offered.

  • Septa Only - Silicone/PTFE septa only for caps used in chromatography. Caps not included.

  • Snap Caps - Polyethylene fitted, pre-slit and non-slit septa snap caps come in a variety of colors, that “snap” on to Snap Top Vials for chromatography. AQR™, AQ™, BASIK™, MicroSolv™ and Soft-Guard™ brands for every laboratory’s needs.

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