Great for aromatic compounds | Phenyl Hydride™ is unique | USP® L11.

Phenyl phases have an aromatic ring with a hydrocarbon linkage to the silica. These columns are often used for the separation of polar and/or aromatic compounds such as brominated phenols, peptides and polyaromatic compounds through pi-pi interactions.

  • Cogent Phenyl Hydride™ - Made with TYPE-C™ silica making them very unique from all other phenyl phases. Useful in reversed phase (RP), normal phase (NP) and aqueous normal phase (ANP) HPLC. This phase is very robust with unique selectivity.

  • Cogent RP™ Phenyl - Made with world class silica and manufacturing techniques, these columns are packed and ready to be used in reversed phase HPLC.

  • Cogent HPS™ Phenyl - Base deactivated, 5um silica, these columns are made and designed for great peak shapes.

  • Cogent Similars™ Phenyl - These HPLC columns are manufactured to be similar in performance and separations to the original column already in monographs. Use as alternate columns in your "legacy" method.

NOTE: Our technical support team strongly recommends that the Cogent column filter, included with each column, be used with all HPLC columns whenever possible. Click HERE for details.

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