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Silica SCX Columns | USP® L9 Class | Always Ionized | Used to Retain Bases

Ion Exchange (IEX) chromatography is the most popular method for the purification and analysis of charged molecules. IEX analyses is the separation of polar molecules (charged) including, and not limited, to amino acids, proteins, peptides, organic acids and bases, depending on their affinity to ionic groups bonded on the silica. The retention on the column is reversible by the "exchange" of ions between the target ions in the mobile phase to the ions present on the ligands. The column pH range is 2.5 - 8.

Cation Exchange Columns have a negatively charged ionic group with an affinity for polar molecules having positive charges. These Cogent IEX SCX™ (Strong Cation Exchange) HPLC Columns have Sulfonic Acid functional groups bonded to the Cogent RP™ 5 or 10um, 100A silica.

"Strong " Ion Exchange is not related to the strength of ion retention or binding; it indicates that ionization shows no variation at any mobile phase pH. It is always ionized.

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Other sizes and configurations including Prep and Process Columns are available. Please contact Customer Service for details.

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