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Store Samples | Use as Well Plate | Remove Inserts & Use in Autosampler Vials

Made with glass autosampler grade vial inserts and are pre-racked in a 96 Well Plate configuration. This allows users unprecedented sample management control compared to singular vial/insert, glass lined or plastic well plates for sample prep or chromatography.

  • Visual Inspection of Well Bottoms

  • Even Thermal Control of all Samples

  • Compatible with Autosamplers, Multi-Channel Pipettors and Plate Readers.

The unique design allows removal of the “Rack” containing 96 individual, precision glass inserts from the plastic reusable “Base”.  This allows you to visualize all the inserts and samples for anomalies and either return the “Rack” to the “Base” or remove one or all of the inserts for storage or further analysis.

When removed from the “Base”, an insert can easily be pushed up from the bottom and removed from the “Rack”. The 350ul Inserts can then be placed it into any of our 9mm, AQ™ Brand, screw top autosampler vials for safe storage, transport, a secondary chromatography dimension or to another instrument platform.

Click HERE for other 96 Well Plates & Mats for Chromatography.

The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • Bases Only – Reusable. Holds a Rack of Inserts. When combined with the Insert Rack it becomes a 96 well plate that's bottom read capable.

  • Chem Resistant Mat 350ul - These special mats allow you to seal the 350ul inserts with some organic solvents without changing the integrity of the seal

  • Chem Resistant Mat Large - These special mats allow sealing of the 1ml and 500ul inserts with some organic solvents without changing the integrity of the seal.

  • Complete Sets - Combination packs include the Inserts, a Rack, a Mat and a Base as a Kit.

  • Film - Polyethylene film for sealing over the Inserts.

  • Insert Volume: 1000ul, 350ul or 500ul

  • Racked Inserts - Inserts pre-racked.

  • RSA-Pro™ - RSA™, glass inserts, surface treated to reduce adsorption of proteins and peptides.

  • Silicone Rubber Mat 350ul - Sealing Mat for 350ul Inserts that are Water Compatible.

  • Silicone Rubber Mat Large - Sealing Mat for the 1ml and 500ul Inserts that are water compatible.

  • Tools - Paddle and Rollers to assist in sealing the Mats.

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