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C18 with Polar Embedded Group | HILIC or RP | USP® L1

Reversed Phase HPLC on C18 does not work well for polar compounds due to many factors including water buildup on the silica surface. An amide group "embedded" in the C18 chain (Polar Embedded) is always ionized and acts to keep water minimized by deactivating neighboring free silanols which increases the wettability of the ligand. This gives the column the ability to retain polar compounds with 100% aqueous mobile phases and not lose retention with future runs.

This Column is also used in HILIC when a complex sample is analyzed.

You can expect consistency and predictability with this phase. Since this column is still made for hydrophobic compounds but can be used in HILIC, it is a good choice for a mixture of polar and non polar samples and can be a great substitute for you USP L1 method.

Compare this "ultima" phase to Waters Symmetry Shield®.

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Other sizes and configurations including Prep and Process Columns are available. Please contact Customer Service for details.

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