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Our Most Popular Diol Column | Wide Range of Particle Sizes | Scale to Prep | SFC Compatible

Diol phases can be used with the full range of HPLC solvents but, are most commonly used in Normal Phase (NP) or in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC). They are generally chosen to replace unmodified Silica in standard HPLC analyses, even though the selectivity may be slightly different. They are also, more robust than Silica columns due to the Diol functional group that protects the underlying silica surface. This allows the use of a broader range of solvents compared to unmodified silica; from hexane (non-polar) to water (very polar).

Made with world class, high purity silica and a perfected bonding technology these columns are among the finest, most reliable Diol phases available. Manufactured with premium, all stainless-steel column hardware allows us to pack the columns at much higher pressures. This produces highly efficient columns with better peak shapes and better resolution.

Non End-Capped, these columns equilibrate faster than un-modified silica columns, are less retentive and often a better choice for gradients in NP. Packed and ready to be used in Normal Phase HPLC.

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Other sizes and configurations including Prep and Process Columns are available. Please contact Customer Service for details.

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