Cogent™ HPLC Columns; great choices for polar or non-polar compounds in guard, analytical and preparative sizes.

We have been manufacturing HPLC columns since 2000, with an emphasis on delivering better chromatography with new and innovative benefits compared to other HPLC columns. Our brands listed below are a result of this mission and commitment to providing important solution options for the many different types of separation challenges and problems.

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  • Cogent column brands - Click below for listings of phases by brands and different uses.

    • Cogent HPS™ base deactivated columns in a 5um particle size. Excellent peak shapes with traditional HPLC.

    • Cogent IEX™ for ion exchange chromatography on high purity silica columns for biological compounds and polar compounds.

    • Cogent NP™ for use in normal phase HPLC or with methanol, excellent for lipids, sugars, polar compounds and preparative HPLC. High purity silica based in many pore sizes.

    • Cogent RP™ our highest grade reversed phase HPLC columns, made with industry leading, high purity silica, with over 20 years of experience. Our most popular line of columns for traditional reversed phase applications. Available in many pore sizes, particle sizes and stationary phases.

    • Cogent Similars™ are economical, alternative HPLC columns that match leading USP legacy brands.

    • Cogent TYPE-C™ silica columns made with silica hydride for exquisite, peptide, polar & closely related compound separations. This, our flagship brand, offers different selectivity from any column on the market. The Diamond Hydride and Phenyl Hydride are leaders for simple and reliable polar compound analysis that is not a HILIC column. Other phases for unique selectivity are available inlcluding the Bidentate C18, UDC-Cholesterol and others.

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NOTE: Our technical support team strongly recommends that the Cogent column filter, included with each column, be used with all HPLC columns whenever possible. Click HERE for filter details.

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