Bare and Coated Capillaries, The Window Maker™ and other CE items and Accessories.

Electrophoresis gets its name from the process whereby the movement of ions is produced under the influence of an applied voltage across a field that the ions exist. It is well known that opposites attract and in electrophoresis, ions of opposite charge to electrodes on either end of the voltage, will migrate toward that electrode. Simply stated, ions that are negatively charged will move or migrate toward the positively charged electrode and vice versa for the positively charged ions. This is the basis for which CE and CEC operate. Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) uses these basics inside a 360um ID capillary to achieve stunning results.

Click HERE to visit our CE Primer for basic understanding of CE.

  • Capillaries for CE - various formats and sizes from bare fused silica, to controlled and zero flow.

  • The Window Maker is a convenient device to burn detection windows in bare fused silica capillaries. Other consumables for CE are also available.

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