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Matched Vial & Caps | Convenient Kit Boxes | RSA Glass

RSA™ Vial and Cap combination Kits also known as Easy Purchase Packs are a convenient way to order, receive, distribute to chemists, store and reorder vials and caps for HPLC or GC.

These Kits are supplied in a specially designed clam shell with two compartments for clean storage of the vials and caps once opened and left on a bench.

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The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • Assembled - These Kits contain 100 vials & 100 caps. The caps are pre-applied onto the vials to save chemists’ time.

  • Cap Colors: Blue or Yellow ?? caps are included in the Kits. Inquire for other color options.

  • Fused Insert - Vials with precision point RSA™ inserts fused into the vials.

  • Kits - RSA™ Vials with AQR™ Caps or RSA™ Vials with Soft-Guard™ Caps.

  • Polyethylene Caps - Single Use PE Caps for Ultra-Purity included in the Kits.

  • RSA-Pro x™ - Surface treated RSA-Pro X™ hydrophobic glass vials included in the kits, CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Screw Top Vials: 2ml or 300ul, 9mm RSA™ vials included in the Kits.

  • Septa: Non-Slit or Pre-Slit septa in caps included in the kits.

  • Snap Top Vials - 2ml or 300ul, 11mm RSA™ vials included in the Kits.

  • Vial Color: Amber, Amber Write-on, Clear or Clear Write-on vials included in the Kits.

  • Volume: 2ml or 300ul vials included in the Kits.

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