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Replacement Parts for All-PEEK Slurry Reservoir Kits

These All-PEEK replacement parts are for the exclusive use with the ARE-Applied Research brand All-PEEK Slurry Reservoirs when packing our All-PEEK HPLC Columns.


Sealing Rings

These All-PEEK parts are designed and carefully machined to produce reliable packing results. Our All-PEEK hardware has a packing pressure limit of approximately 300 bar. It is more "biocompatible" to match the All-PEEK column hardware being packed with these kits so that your packing material does not pick up any negative effects as it would if stainless steel components were used.

Click HERE for All-PEEK columns, frits and end fitting hardware.

CAUTION: Using All-PEEK columns and hardware at elevated temperatures will reduce the pressure stability of the material drastically.

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