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Matched Vial & Cap Kits | Use for GC & HPLC | Easy Purchase

  • Glass Vials and Screw Caps with Range of Septa

  • Supplied with a Clam Shell Storage Container

  • Convenient way to Purchase & Stay Organized

Screw Top Vials are the Most Popular vial for HPLC, CE and GC. We offer a complete range of glass, shapes and volumes to meet every need for the chromatography laboratory including low adsorption, silanized, surface treated for bio compounds, plastic, fused insert and low volume center draining vials.

Screw Caps are included in the kit with different types of Septa, Select Cap types & Cap colors to match the Vial of your choice. If you don't see the combination you want, contact us for availability.

The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • AQ™ Brand Vial Kits - Vials & Caps that compare with "Certified Vials" for glass type, dimensional control and packaging standards. FILTER your selection to include only Kits with AQ™ Brand Vials.

  • Assembled - Caps are pre-screwed on to the vial for cleanliness and use with robotic systems.

  • BASIK™ Brand Vial Kits - Economical Vials & assorted Caps that are selected for non-critical use.

  • Cap Color: Black, Blue, Natural and White.

  • Center Draining - 1.2ml, MRQ™ and 1.8ml Max Recovery™ Vials to maximize sample recovery from the center “drain” of the vial. Supplied with assorted cap choices.

  • Fused Insert - 300ul, high quality inserts fused into the vials. Supplied with assorted cap choices.

  • Kits: RSA™ Vials & AQR™ Caps, RSA™ Vials & AQR™ Caps packaged together. Choose pre-slit or non-slit septa.

  • Library Storage - 3.8ml Center Draining Vials with assorted Cap choices.

  • MicroSolv™ Brand Vial Kits - Vials made from pharmaceutical grade borosilicate glass, N51A with assorted Cap choices.

  • Plastic Vials - 2ml and 700ul PP Vials with assorted Caps.

  • Polyethylene Caps - Single use PE Caps that are Ultra-Pure matched with assorted Vials.

  • RSA-Pro X™ - Hydrophobic Surface Treated RSA™ vials for excellent reduction of protein adsorption matched with assorted Cap choices. Click HERE for more information.

  • RSA™ Brand Vials Kits - Assorted types of RSA™ Vials matched with assorted types of Caps. Our Most Popular Vial Kits.

  • Screw Top Vials: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm or 13mm vials with amber, clear, clear-write on choices.

  • Septa: Non-Slit, Pre-Slit, Y-Slit, Cross-Slit, PTFE/Silicone Rubber/PTFE or Red Rubber / PTFE septa.

  • Silanized - Vials that are Silanized matched to an assortment of Caps

  • Soft-Guard™ Caps - Pre-Slit and Non-Slit, Easy Needle Piercing, great reseal ability packaged in Kits.

  • Vial Color: Amber, Amber WriteOn, Clear or Clear WriteOn.

  • Volume: 1.2mL - MRQ™, 1.8ML, 2ml, 3.8ml, 300ul, 4ml or 700 Vials with assorted Caps.

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