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Normal Phase HPLC | Sugars | Carboxylic Acids | USP L8

These HPLC columns are made with our Most Popular, High Purity Silica with a narrow particle size distribution, unique bonding and double end capping. The metals content is below 1ppm making these columns very efficient and durable.

The Cogent NP™ columns provide excellent chromatography, are robust and reproducible. Available in a wide range of particle sizes and column dimensions to meet every need. Available as wide pore.

Amino columns are most commonly used in Normal Phase HPLC mode however, the Cogent NP™ Amino column can also be used in Reversed Phase or HILIC mode if needed.

The amino functionality of the amino-propyl ligand has a lone electron pair. Therefore, the hydrocarbon chain (C3) will be polar and will have a slightly negative dipole moment toward the Nitrogen of the amino group making the stationary phase polar.


Different molecules will have different retention based on their polarity and size (access to the ligand) thus, giving a unique Selectivity.

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