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UHPLC Column, RP PFP, 1.8um, 100A. 4.6mm ID x 50mm Length. Cogent Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Cogent PFP™, Pentafluorophenyl stationary phase is double end capped (fully) and bonded with a four carbon link to a benzene ring with 5 Fluorines on to the highest purity silica available; making this column ideal as an Alternate in USP Methods that require the L43 Classification or for new methods.

The small, 1.8µm Particle Size will provide excellent efficiency, even at high flow rates, and the Peak Capacity is greater than a 3um Particle. However, higher back pressures than with larger particle size columns are typical and a special UHPLC instrument may be required for proper results.

Choose for analysis of samples with halogenated or polar functional groups when you are trying to reduce the run time and keep resolution the same or if you want to improve resolution of existing methods.

Note: A specialized UHPLC System is required for this column and your samples should be filtered with a 0.2µm Syringe Filter before injection.



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