Semi Prep HPLC Column, NP Diol, 5um, 100A. 10mm ID x 150mm Length. Cogent Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Cogent NP Diol™ Stationary Phase has been a premium value and used by HPLC laboratories for many years. Non end-capped, it is manufactured with the highest purity Silica available and bonded with a short hydrocarbon ligand that has a terminal, Diol Functional group.

The 5µm Particle in this Column works well with higher flow rates and yet produces acceptable back pressures. The larger diameter of this column provides good loading capacity which is great for purification of compounds making it ideal for Preparative HPLC.

Use for hydrophilic or polar compounds in HILIC or Normal Phase Prep HPLC instead of unmodified Silica Columns. A specialized HPLC System is required for columns this size.



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