Vial & Cap Kit includes 100 EA 700ul, Snap Top, Clear polypropylene LCMS Compatible Autosampler Vials and 100 EA matching Snap Caps with Silicone Rubber / PTFE Pre-Slit Septa fitted in the Blue Caps. AQ Brand Easy Purchase Pack. 1/PK.

Additional Info:

Easy Purchase Packs are a convenient way to order and inventory autosampler vials with their matching caps. The kit packaging will open and re-close making it useful for keeping vial and cap types matched, organized and clean during use. This is one of our Most Popular Easy Purchase Packs.

Click on links below for more Specifications for the 11mm Vials and Caps:

Supplied with Vials: Cat. No 9572C-MS and Caps: Cat No. 9502C-30CB



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