Pedestal, Quick Connect, Bottle Top Vacuum Filtration, allows for hands-free filtration, provides on/off vacuum flow control, for use with SOLVFil Bottle Top Filter Degasser. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

Bottle Top Vacuum Filtration Pedestal Stand for SOLVFil™ Filters, allows for hands-free filtration, provides on/off vacuum flow control manifold, and is for use with both the 500ml and 1000ml SOLVFil™ bottle top filters. Designed to work with a standard laboratory "house vacuum" or vacuum pumps.

The unique design of the pedestal stand works as a quick connect to the SOLVFil™ filters which when screwed on to the solvent reservoir bottles, simply sit on the ring and can self connect to the vacuum by simply placing the SOLVFil™ filter unit in the cradle. This connection is simple and fast.

The operator can turn on the vacuum once the HPLC solvents have been placed into the SOLVFil™ upper reservoir. When the mobile phase bottles are almost full or enough solvent have been filtered, simply turning off the switch on the Pedestal Stand base allows for easy disconnect with the filtered and degassed solvents in the mobile phase bottles.



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