Best-in-Class Syringe Filters... "Second to None".


Recommended for "pharmaceutical" grade HPLC Sample Prep & Dissolution Testing. 

Manufactured with unique and various membranes in 25mm, 13mm or 4mm polypropylene housing. These syringe filters are made for laboratories that require consistent, high performance results with ease of use especially during high volume work and are and excellent choice when laboratories cannot afford poor chromatographic results. AQ™ Syringe Filters can be compatible with aqueous or organic HPLC solvents and have been designed to be extremely low adsorbing even for charged molecules and extractable free from the first 0.2ml of filtration.

The uniquely designed outflow path of the 25mm device has 16 channels for minimum back pressure. This allows the user to apply less hand pressure, producing greater compliance and fewer complaints from lab personnel.

These filters are validated for many regulatory requirements. Designed, tested and QC certified with every pack of filters. They comply with US FDA CFR Title 21, Part 210.3(b)(6) for minimum Fiber Release and with USP <788> test for particulate matter in injectables as well as USP for "Sterile Water for Injection" and therefore do not require any initial flushing or discarding of the first 200µl of filtrate saving time and avoiding investigation of failed methods. 

The polypropylene plastic housing material complies with the requirements of US FDA CFR Title 21 Part 177.1520 and are heat sealed to prevent leaching. These filters pass a test for oxidizable matter as per these USP monographs.

    *AQ™ syringe filters are color coded for membrane type and pore size.

  • These filters can be autoclaved for 0.5 hours at 121ºC, 0.1MPa or with ethylene oxide.
  • A “Lot” Certificate of Analysis is provided with each pack of  AQ™ brand Syringe Filters.

Available membranes: Cellulose Acetate, Nylon, Polyethersulfone (PES), PTFE (Teflon), Hydrophilic PTFE, Hydrophilic Polypropylene, PVDF, Regenerated-Cellulose and High Throughput, multi-layered Nylon, NDX™ Filters.

How to Chose Syringe Filters:

  • 13mm Filters - Use when sample size is limited and residual volume must be minimized.
  • 25mm Filters - Standard size for Chromatography labs and our most popular size.
  • 4mm Filters - Used when sample size is under 1ml and residual volume must be minimized.
  • Cellulose Filters - Use with Aqueous solvents and when biological activity should be maintained.
  • Color - The outer ring of the filter has a color that corresponds to the pore size and membrane type: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Natural, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, White w/Black Letters, White w/Blue Letters, White w/Green Letters, White w/Red Letters or Yellow
  • High Throughput - Multiple membranes stack to "pre-filter" the largest undissolved particles for easier flow and greater throughput.
  • Miscellaneous - Glass fiber filter without an analytical membrane.
  • Nylon Filters - The most popular filters for HPLC and Dissolution Testing.
  • PES Filters - Polyethersulfone membranes. is one of the purest membranes on the market for use instead of Nylon. Chosen for ICP, ICP, ICP//MS and Proteins.
  • Pore Size: 0.22um, 0.45um, 1.0um. The Most Popular size is 0.45um.
  • PTFE Filters - Teflon membranes are considered Chemically Inert . Used when certain solvents or reagents will disrupt the membrane. Not recommended for aqueous solutions due to its hydrophobicity.
  • PVDF Filters - Used when analytes adsorb to Nylon. Low Protein binding.
  • Regenerated Cellulose Filters - Low protein binding and more rugged and robust than traditional cellulose membranes.



Available in 25mm, 13mm or 4mm Polypropylene Devices.

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