To provide convenient and supportive supply chains for our products, MicroSolv sells direct in the USA and through dealers, resellers globally.

  • American Dealers:
    • Cornerstone Scientific, Greater Wilmington, NC
    • VWR a Part of Avantor                                  Teamwork_Graphic_Dealers_Page
  • American Third Party Agents:
    • Fisher Scientific
    • MilliporeSigma
    • Quartzy
  • Australian Dealer: PM Separations, Capalaba
  • Canadian Dealers:
    • VWR a Part of Avantor
  • Canadian Third Party Agents:
    • Fisher Scientific
  • European Dealer: Hichrom / VWR, a Part of Avantor
  • European Dealers:
    • Germany: Techlab GmbH, Braunschweig
  • European Resale Agents:
    • France: Interchim, Montelucon, France
    • Ireland: Apex Scientific, Maynooth 
    • Italy: CPS Analtyical, Milan
    • Germany: MZ-Analysentechnick GmbH, Mainz
  • Indian Dealer: Riki Global Trading, Hyderabad
  • Israeli Third Pary Agent: CSI Analytical Innovations, Petach-Tikva
  • Japanese Third Party Agent: Tomsic, Tokyo
  • Jordanian Resale Agent: Shatat for Science, Amman
  • Korean Dealer: Moricon Co., Ltd,  Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

If you would like to become a Dealer or a Third Party Agent, please click for the online New Reseller Application.
If you would like contact information for our Dealers, Resellers and Third Party Agents, please contact us HERE.

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