Partisil and Partisphere are well established HPLC columns formerly sold as Whatman brands. Through acquisition of this technology by our supply chain, these columns (phase and hardware) are now available through MicroSolv.

Now known as Partisil™ and Partisphere™, these HPLC columns will perform exactly to original and well-known specifications as expected.

  • Partisil™- One of the first commercially available irregular silica with a large surface area and a high loading capacity.

  • Partisphere™- Partisphere was one of the first commercially available spherical silica and continues to provide reproducible, high efficiency separations.

Larger diameter columns for preparative chromatography are available, please Click HERE for more information.

NOTE: Our technical support team strongly recommends that the Cogent column filter, included with each column, be used with all HPLC columns whenever possible. Click HERE for details.

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