The FINDER Summer 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of "The Finder" for summer 2023! It includes a small sampling of our offerings to help laboratories maintain productivity. Click HERE to view the document on our literature page.

NEW Resource Center Articles

One of our goals at MicroSolv is continous education! Our technical team never ceases to share all the knowledge that comes to them! Check out these newly published resource center articles. PTFE tubing stability – Tech InformationCan I use a 220V step-down adaptor plug for my 110V wired Vial Centrifuge and will it void the warranty. – FAQFractions to decimals to metric chart – Tech InformationWhat...

The Beta Tool-2

These pliers can ensure you have a good internal flow path in your HPLC tubing to avoid band broadening and other flow issues. Including soft grips and two Center Holes where one hole is slightly larger than 1/16” and the other is slightly larger than 1/8”. This tool for Chromatography is designed to remove kinks and bends in Stainless Steel tubing or for making seamless bends when you squeeze the Pliers....

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