Normal phase | Great for highly acidic compounds | Sugar analysis | Nitrogenous compounds.

Cogent NP™, Cogent HPS™ and Cogent MicroBee™ brand of amino columns are excellent alternate columns for your current USP or in-house Pharma methods, including those for sugars and/or basic compounds. Amino columns are normally used in normal phase (NP) HPLC and can be helpful for samples that are not soluble in aqueous solvents. They can also be used for "non-hexane" normal phase HPLC using methanol or acetonitrile.

  • Cogent NP Amino - HPLC columns are made with the same silica as our Cogent RP™ HPLC columns and are packed in non-polar solvents so they can be used in normal phase right from the box. Available in 1.8, 3, 5 and 10um, these columns are excellent choices for USP methods.

  • Cogent HPS™ Amino - HPLC columns are made with a unique, high purity silica and proprietary end capping. These columns are only available in 5um and are excellent for sugar analysis.

  • Cogent MicroBee™ Amino - HPLC columns are made to be similar to the traditional Microbondapak® Amino columns in performance and separations. Use as an Alternate columns in your "legacy" method.

NOTE: Our technical support team strongly recommends that the Cogent column filter, included with each column, be used with all HPLC Columns whenever possible. Click HERE for details.

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