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Serum Finish Vials for GC & HPLC | Range of Glass Types & Colors | Silanized Available

  • Use with Aluminum or Steel Crimp Caps

  • Provides Longer Seal Integrity

  • Save Money

The MicroSolv Brand™ of crimp top vials with serum finish are made with Type1, first hydrolytic N51A grade borosilicate glass. This style of autosampler vial is mainly used in gas chromatography and some HPLC applications and for long term storage of samples.

When a quality designed crimp cap is properly applied to these glass vials, the seal offers the best for long term integrity as well as for durability. A crimping tool is required for applying the crimp cap to these vials.

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The wide opening of these vials allows for easy filling and decanting and prevents “vapor lock” during filling. Cannot be used with Snap Caps.

  • AQ™ Brand - Vials that compare with "Certified Vials" for glass type, dimensional control and packaging standards. Type 33 glass.

  • BASIK™ Brand - Economical vials that are selected for non-critical use.

  • Center Draining - Max Recovery™ & MRQ™ vials when you want to maximize sample recovery from the center of the vial.

  • Crimp Top Vials - Sizes: 11mm or 8mm.

  • Fused Insert - A precision glass insert fused at the top of the vial for low volume injections from a 12x32mm vial.

  • MicroSolv™ Brand - Vials made from pharmaceutical grade borosilicate glass, N51A.

  • Silanized - Vials that have been coated with our proprietary method of gas silanization. Covalently bonded.

  • Vial Color: Amber, Amber WriteOn, Clear or Clear WriteOn

  • Volume: 1.2ml, 1.8ml, 2ml or 300ul vials.

The large selection of Crimp Top Vials shown below can be refined to exactly what you want or need by using the FILTERS which are groups of product features. These selection FILTERS are listed alphabetically.

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