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MicroSolv's Chemical Solutions™ brand of NIST traceable HPLC, UHPLC and UV-vis spectrophotometers PQ kits can serve as the foundation of your laboratory Analytical Instrument Qualification program and save you thousands of dollars each quarter. You can perform your own (DIY) performance qualification (PQ), of HPLC & validate UV-vis instruments, easily, accurately and be totally compliant "on the fly" and in your own time frame.

It is well known that failure to validate properly is a significant cause of 483 observations in the pharmaceutical industry. It can, also, result in customer complaints, adverse events and even recalls. With Chemical Solutions™ qualification kits, you will be able to avoid these issues and use validation concepts to ensure process stability and control. Manage your lab’s own validation with these in-house performance qualification kits.

  • PQ Kit™ & HSQ Kit™ for HPLC self-compliance contains everything you need to perform all the tests necessary for a proper performance qualification (PQ) or routine performance check of your instrument and validate precision and accuracy. HSQ™ Kit is manufactured for high-speed qualification and features a shorter, faster HPLC column. Both kits provide the same results.

  • PQ™ Kits for UV-vis calibration contains everything you need to perform all the tests necessary for a proper performance verification of your UV-vis spectrophotometer to validate precision and accuracy.

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