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Borosilicate Glass | Mobile Phase Filtration and Degassing Device 

The all borosilicate glass devices are a traditional fast way to filter and degas your mobile phase solvents or buffers for use with HPLC. The funnel, the fritted glass membrane holder and the flask reservoir are all resistant to aggressive solvents.

  • Economical and Convenient.

  • Filter & Degas Solvents or Buffers up to 1L.

  • Use any 47mm filter membrane.

The units’ design with a fritted, glass membrane support also prevents contamination of your vacuum line or source which is separate from this unit. Use caution when selecting a vacuum pump that is appropriate for use with glass filter devices.

The funnels are graduated and will hold up to 300ml of mobile phase. The reservoir flasks hold either 1,000ml or 2,000ml and the narrow mouth opening minimizes out-gassing. Use a standard 9mm stopper to keep the unit “closed”. Sold separately.

Use any disposable, 47mm, filter membrane disc, with at least a 0.2um pore size that is compatible with your mobile phase. Filter membranes are sold separately.

  • Click HERE for Membrane Filters Ordering Page; Choose 47mm Discs.

The Filter Degasser Funnel is sold as a Complete Kit including the blue metal clamp and replacements parts.

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