Vial & Cap Kit includes 100 EA 1.8ml, Maximum Recovery, Snap Top, Clear RSAâ„¢ Autosampler Vials and 100 EA matching Snap Caps with Clear AQR Silicone Rubber / Clear PTFE, ultra-pure Septa, fitted in the Light Blue Caps. RSA Brand Easy Purchase Pack. 1 PK.

Additional Info:

Easy Purchase Packs are a convenient way to order and inventory autosampler vials with their matching caps. The kit packaging will open and re-close making it useful for keeping vial and cap types matched, organized and clean during use.

Click on links below for more Specifications for the 11mm Vials and Caps:

Supplied with Reduced Surface Activity Vials: Cat. No 9512C-0CV-RS and Caps: Cat No. 9509C-10CB


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