Guard Column Starter Set, Silica-C 2.o. Complete with 5 each 2.0mm ID x 10mm Long Cartridges with 2.2um, 120A and 1 each Guard Column Holder. Cogent TYPE-C Brand. 1 PK.

Additional Info:

Everything you need to get started using Cogent 2.o TYPE-C™ Guard Columns with your methods. This kit includes one "Universal" Stainless Steel Guard Cartridge Column Holder that can be used with any Cogent TYPE-C™ Guard Cartridge.

Five Cartridges, packed with Cogent Silica-C 2.o Stationary Phase are included which will normally be sufficient protection for the lifetime of an analytical column, based on average use. Each Cartridge in this Kit is shipped in individual, recloseable Delrin Cases to keep them from drying out or being damaged.

Use this Starter Kit with 2.1mm ID analytical columns packed with Silica-C 2.o.


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