Guard Column Cartridge, Diol 2.o, Replacement Cartridge, 2.0mm ID x 10mm Length, 2.2um, 120A. Hichrom style, in an individual black case. Cogent TYPE-C Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Guard Column is designed to protect your analytical column from particulate and contaminants that will adsorb to your 2.o column. Packed in a Stainless Steel Tube, it has SS Frits. Labelled, and shipped in an individual, black, Delrin case to protect and keep it from drying out. Use with Hichrom Style Guard Column Holder.

Sometimes, the individual cartridge is preferred over buying a pack of 5 when different "Guard Column" phases are preferred and pairing them with different analytical phases for unique separations.

Use this guard column cartridge with a 2.1mm ID analytical column packed with Diol 2.o.


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