Flanging Tool with 5 Drills, Tubing Cutter & Plastic Carrying Case. ARE-Applied Research brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

"Flangy the Tool" for cold flanging of Polymer or thin walled PEEK Tubing, provides an easy and smooth way to make or restore, tubing tip, flanges easy. As the flange is created by mechanical means rather than by heat, the resulting flange itself will be more long lasting and stable.

Supplied with a complete set of flanging drills (discs), a sample of PTFE Tubing that is 1/16" ID x 0.75" OD, six feet long, and the Clean Cut Tubing Cutting Tool.

Supplied with (5) Flanging Drills (with pins)

  • PEEK Tubing Drill with 0.5 mm SS Pin 45099-105

  • Polymer Tubing Drill with 0.8 mm Plastic Pin 45099-108

  • Polymer Tubing Drill with 0.8 mm Titanium Pin 45099-308

  • Polymer Tubing Drill with 1.3 mm Plastic Pin 45099-113

  • Polymer Tubing Drill with 1.3 mm Titanium Pin 45099-313

Suitable for use with soft and semi hard, low pressure, polymer tubing, including PTFE, FEP, PE, ETFE, PP & Tefzel or with thin walled PEEK they make ideal flanges for Flanged Tubing Connectors (nuts).

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