Caps, Headspace, Crimp Top, with White Silicone Rubber / Blue PTFE SPME Style Septa, fitted in Bimetallic, Magnetic, Blue Caps with 8mm center holes. For use with 20mm Crimp Top Headspace Vials. BASIK Brand. 100/PK.

Additional Info:

Special Shape Septa with thick rubber outer ring (3mm) and thinned rubber center (1.5mm) provides a good seal with most 20mm crimp top Headspace vials. The target area on this Septa is easer for SPME needles to penetrate, minimizing broken or damaged needles. Recommended with CTC Pal® and other autosamplers with SPME or Solid Phase Micro-Extraction injectors.

Bimetallic Caps have a magnetic center and an aluminum outer ring that makes crimping them easier than all steel caps.


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