Vial & Cap Kit. 100 EA 2ml, Screw Top, Hydrophobic, Amber Autosampler Vials and matching Black Caps with Clear Silicone Rubber / PTFE Septa. RSA-Pro X Brand. 1 PK.

Additional Info:

These RSA Glass Autosampler Vial & Cap Kit Packs (Easy Purchase Packs) are supplied with vials that have been treated with RSA-Pro X™ Technology to prevent their already pristine surface from adsorbing stubbornly sticky compounds that have affinity for the glass structure. The Hydrophobic surface is not only non-adsorbing for most compounds but is extremely stable even in the presence of Water. The hydrolytic stability will last for years compared to Silanized Vials that will usually degrade in the presence of Water. This product is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility.

The AQR Brand, matching Black Screw Caps have the most inert Clear, Silicone Rubber / Clear, PTFE fitted Septa available; for total Vial and Cap inertness. This Kit is often chosen for proteins, peptides, enzymes, natural products & unknowns especially when working in parts per billion with LCMS or HPLC.

Amber (low actinic glass) is used for light sensitive compounds.

These treated vials are only sold in RSA-Pro X Kits. Click HERE for replacement Caps.


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