Inserts, RSA-Pro X, in Racks. Includes 576 clear, 350uL surface treated glass Inserts with wide conical Points in 6 Racks of 96. U-2D Brand. 1 PK.


Additional Info:

These RSA-Pro X™ treated Inserts are supplied in a Rack for easy filling and managing. The inserts are 350ul precision bottom Glass Inserts that are treated with RSA-Pro X™ Surface Technology to upgrade the pristine surface to further resist adsorbing stubbornly sticky compounds that have affinity for the glass structure. The Hydrophobic glass surface is not only non-adsorbing for most compounds but is extremely stable even in the presence of Water. The hydrolytic stability will last for years compared to silanized vials that will degrade in the presence of Water. This product is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility.

Use single or multi channel pipettors to fill the Inserts in the U-2D™ Rack which can be placed in a matching Base. Inserts can be covered and sealed with a Solvent Resistant Mat (organic solvents) or a Silicone Rubber (aqueous) Mat and used for storage or directly in an autosampler that accepts, standard ANSI format, 96 Well Plates.

RSA-Pro X™ is often needed to prevent standards, proteins, peptides, enzymes, natural products and other precious compounds from sticking to borosilicate glass. U-2D™ Base and Mats are sold separately.

The individual Inserts can be removed from the “RACK” and placed in an AQ™ Brand or RSA™ Brand 2ml, vial and capped for individual sample analyses or storage.


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