Direct Adaptive HPLC Column Connector, double end fitting with 0.030" ID x 1/16th" OD, 100mm long stainless steel tubing. MicroSolv Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This double end fitting, Direct Adaptive (Di-Ad™) HPLC Column Connector delivers a perfect, zero dead volume connection to any brand of column; minimize the chance of system volume induced band broadening for better chromatography while making it easy and convenient to change columns, between runs. 

These fittings are easily installed between the injector and the column and between the detector and the outlet side of your column. Then, simply screw the spring loaded end Di-Ad fittings into your column and the tubing pilot length will automatically be adjusted for a tight seal without any void volume. These fittings, with laser cut tubing, replaces the tubing and ordinary male nuts with ferrules or finger tight fittings already in use replacing the need to reset the ferrule swaged on the tubing each time you change column brands. 

This Di-Ad™ is very convenient for laboratories that use multiple column brands and want to use 0.030" (762um) ID x 100mm (3.94") long tubing with perfect cut tips. Pressure rating for these connectors is 10,000 psi and are HPLC solvent resistant.


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