Adapter, for use with low to medium pressure HPLC. Waters female to 10-32 male connection, 0.40 mm / 0.016 bore size. Black PEEK. ARE-Applied Research brand. Bulk Price.

Additional Info:

This finger tightened adapter makes changing from Waters® to more common connections very convenient. This all-PEEK adapter has a Waters® style female screw threaded port on one side and a standard 10-32 screw threaded male connector with a built-in ferrule with a "universal" pilot length.

  • Maximum Temperature: 100°C.

  • Click HERE for economical pack of 10.

  • Maximum Pressure: 8,000 psig.

The "flat" section on the knurled adapter allows to use a wrench for an extra 1/8 of clockwise turn for tighter sealing or a slight counterclockwise turn to help remove if a tight fitting is too hard for hand removal. The flat section can also be used to hold the adapter in place with a wrench while the Waters male nut is tightened in the adapter.

Note: These adapters are excellent when using waters style male fittings with standard type of female ports. Click HERE for more information on the differences between Waters and standard connections.

Click HERE for natural PEEK color version.

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