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SOLVFIL Vacuum Bottle Top Filter Degassers | Fast | Convenient

  • Faster & Safer than Glass Filter Devices - Save Time

  • No Decanting, Mobile Phase not re-exposed to Air - Better Data

  • Filter directly into Reservoir Bottles - Safe & Convenient

Disposable Bottle Top Filter-Degassing Unit for HPLC solvents saves time while producing excellent results. Constructed as a disposable, single piece filtration device from high purity, FDA grade polypropylene eliminates solvent leaking and spills with virtually no extractables and chemically inert.

The fill Reservoirs are very large capacity and the 90mm diameter filtration area making filtration much faster than traditional 47mm methods and easier; and safer.

Use with house vacuum or vacuum pumps and filter directly into any HPLC solvent reservoir bottle that has GL-45 screw threads to very quickly and easily filter and degas your HPLC solvents right into your mobile phase reservoir bottles. Eliminates transferring from glass filter degasser flask to reservoir bottle where you could inadvertently oxygenate the solvents and also have a potential for a spill.

SOLVFil™ is made in ISO 13485 clean room and can be used multiple times with the same solvents until the unit no longer filters and is clogged if desired.

For very fast and convenient filtering use the Cradle Ring (use with standard ring stands) or the low profile, Cradle Pedestal (sold separately and no ring stand required) for safer and hands free filtering.

NOTE: This polypropylene is fully compatible with Reversed Phase Solvents. For more non-polar mobile phase combinations that use solvents such as Hexane or Heptane, you should check compatibility before using.

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