Fittings, PEEK Column Hardware, Sample Loops & Column Storage, Sparging Stones & Metal Frits

  • Column Storage for HPLC columns: in The ColumnStore™ can safely store and organize 10, 30, 60 or 90 HPLC columns in one place.

  • Fittings for HPLC: High Pressure Stainless Steel and PEEK Finger-Tight Fitting Male Nuts, Unions, Crosses, Tees, Column End Plugs and Fittings Kits are in this category.

  • PEEK Column Hardware for packing your own bio-compatible low pressure HPLC columns. Many sizes and dimensions as well as packing hardware are displayed.

  • Sample Loops for different types of manual injectors both with Stainless Steel and PEEK options are presented.

  • Sparging Stones for HPLC Mobile Phase conditioning. Keep your solvents degassed and dry.


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