Wide range of Finger Tight Nuts and Ferrules, Unions, Solvent Filter Stones, Column End-stoppers and Column Connectors.

Use the links above for end plugs, filter discs, nuts and ferrules and below links for information on other useful items for HPLC.

  • Adapters. For tubing, high and low pressure. Select adapters to connect different size outer diameter.

  • Di-Ad brand HPLC column fittings. Direct-adaptive, these installed HPLC column connectors have a universal pilot length and are compatible with all brands of columns.

  • PEEK column hardware for packing your own bio-compatible medium to high pressure HPLC columns. Many sizes and dimensions as well as packing hardware are displayed.

  • Sample loops for different types of injectors both with Stainless Steel and PEEK options are presented.

  • Sparging stones for HPLC Mobile Phase conditioning. Keep your solvents degassed and dry and your column free of particles.

  • Tubing connectors - male nuts for HPLC, high and low pressure. Select nuts for 1/16th or 1/18th tubing as well as assorted types of nuts to fit any lab's needs.

  • Unions for tubing connections in HPLC. Column couplers and adapters that are high quality tubing connectors including tees, crosses and straight unions. Available in both PEEK and stainless steel.

Click HERE for different types of tubing for HPLC.

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