This items is made to order and is not returnable and order cannot be canceled.

Prep HPLC Column, Amide, 4um, 100A. 30mm ID x 150mm Length. Cogent TYPE-C Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Cogent Amide preparative, HPLC column is made with 4um, 100A,  Cogent TYPE-Câ„¢ Silica, and this silica hydride based stationary phase provides excellent selectivity, faster equilibration and robust column lifetimes.

Chosen for purification or "Prep" of sugars and other analytes with amine groups when a large volume of sample is desired to be collected.

Notes - A specialized HPLC System is required for columns this size. This is a CUSTOM ORDER manufactured item which cannot be returned or canceled once an order has been placed. Click HERE for more information on what is a Custom Order. 


Custom Order Item. Inquire for more information.

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