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HPLC Column, Bidentate C18 2.o, 2.2um, 1.0mm ID x 150mm Length, 120A, Glass Lined, Stainless Steel Hardware Cogent TYPE-C Brand. 1/EA.

Additional Info:

This Cogent Bidentate C18 2.o HPLC Column is made with Cogent TYPE-C™ Silica, and this smaller particle, silica hydride based stationary phase provides Increased Efficiency, Excellent Selectivity and Faster Equilibration. Considered "Near UHPLC", this column can be used on any HPLC Instrument and still deliver improved efficiency.

Chosen for analysis of hydrophobic compounds that are difficult to retain in Aqueous Mobile Phases, including very non-polar compounds. This column is considered a Mass Spec Friendly Column.

This column can be used for LCMS when increased resolution is desired. This size column provides increased sensitivity and short run times but requires a special pump that can precisely deliver, and a flow cell that is made for, slow flow rates with low volume.



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