Tubing Cutter, Wheel Type. For stainless steel tubing. Black. ARE-Applied Research brand. Bulk Price.

Additional Info:

Cutting stainless steel tubing is one of the most difficult tasks in any chromatography lab. We recommend for critical connections to use our precut stainless steel tubing which is cut with ECM technology.

This tool will give you a good cut of tubing which can be used in non-critical connections. This and other metal-cutting tools offered by MicroSolv are not meant to cut the metal tubing all the way, but to score the tube in order to break it. This way you will not close the inner diameter of the tube. Use our file for cleaning of the tube.

  • Tubing outer diameter cutting range of 1/32 inch (0.8 mm) to 1/4inch (6.4 mm).

It is important to keep the cutting wheel clean and sharp. Click HERE for ordering information for replacement wheels.


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