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PEEK tubing | Various ID and OD sizes. High pressure zones.

Our PEEK thermoplastic tubing is extruded from virgin PEEK and has excellent chemical resistance, low adsorption rate and great dimensional stability. PEEK is generally considered biocompatible thanks to its optimal modulus. We do not add any additives to the original PEEK material except for color particles in the solid-color tubing and the striped tubing color is co-extruded so the color is on the outside only of the tubing.

PEEK is used as an alternative to stainless steel tubing in HPLC and other fields due to its mechanical strength. Click HERE to view specifications.

  • Solid colored PEEK tubing is common for everyday use in HPLC as it’s chemically resistant and flexible. Tolerance is +/- 0.05mm for both ID and OD. Most economical

  • Striped colored indicator PEEK tubing consists of natural PEEK with a color stripe added to the outside only of the tubing after extrusion. We recommend using striped or natural tubing, as PEEK is not stable to all chemicals. Some solvents may react with the PEEK wall material and dissolve the color particles; this is an indication the tubing should be replaced. Tolerance is +/- 0.05mm for both ID and OD.

  • Ultra-T™ PEEK tubing is recommended when the flow volume precision is desired and is critical. This tubing is not normally used in typical HPLC systems; it is mostly used for LCMS, capillary LC and other applications that allow for little variation in flow dynamics. Tolerance is +/- 0.025mm for both ID and OD.

  • FlexiTubes coiled tubing for HPLC pulse dampener. Click HERE for ordering information.

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