Packing Seal, PEEK, for use with 4.6 mm ID column packing adapters and 4.6 mm or 7.5 mm ID slurry reservoirs. ARE-Applied Research brand. Bulk Price.

Additional Info:

This "packing" seal is for when using the packing adapter 49330-PA1 to pack 4.6mm ID PEEK columns with length greater than 100 mm requiring with a 7.5 mm ID slurry reservoir 49333-SR3. Normally this seal is used with 2 each 49333-PS packing seals to properly connect the slurry reservoir to the 4.6 mm column being packed. This seal reduces the flow from the 7.5 mm ID reservoir to the desired 4.6 mm ID column.

It is also used when using the packing adapter to pack 4.6 mm ID PEEK column with length equal to or less than 100 mm.

This Seal is made from PEEK which ensures a biocompatibility from the beginning of the packing and column process.

NOTE: This sealing ring is designed for packing only All-PEEK HPLC column hardware and not recommended for use with stainless steel packing systems.

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