Slurry Reservoir Kit, All-PEEK, for packing 7.5 mm ID columns that are greater than 100 mm in length. Reservoir is 600 mm long with a 7.5 mm ID, complete with all parts and accessories needed to pack bioinert, All-PEEK columns. ARE-Applied Research brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This kit is for packing All-PEEK columns 7.5 mm ID and greater than 100 mm in length.

The Reservoir Body included in this kit is 600 mm long with a 7.5 mm ID and has an internal volume of approximately 26.5 ml. This reservoir is equipped with a 5/8-18 screw thread on both sides. The adapter has an internal 5/8-18 screw thread on one side and internal 5/8-18 screw threads on the other side. The adapter connects the reservoir to the column being packed.

Kit includes everything you need to pack a bioinert All-PEEK column:

How to assemble slurry reservoir and column for use. Click HERE.

Columns and accessories to be packed are sold separately. Click HERE for ordering information.

This All-PEEK Slurry Reservoir kit is designed and manufactured for packing only our All-PEEK HPLC columns that are longer than 100 mm with a 7.5 mm ID. This Reservoir and components are matched for maximum performance and are not supported for use with stainless steel or other packing systems. Also, it is recommended to thoroughly clean each part individually and not keep the Packing Reservoir tightly assembled when not in use.


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