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Semi Prep Guard Column Cartridge, RP PFP, 10um, 100A. 10mm ID x 10mm Length. Cogent Brand. 5/PK.

Additional Info:

These Guard Column Cartridges are packed with 10µm, Cogent RP PFP™ Pentafluorophenyl Stationary Phase. It is double end capped (fully) and bonded with a four carbon link to a benzene ring with 5 Fluorines on the highest purity 100A silica available.

They are designed to protect your RP PFP™ Semi Prep Column from particulate and contaminants that will adsorb to it. Packed in a Stainless Steel Tube, they have Stainless Steel Frits.

Use these Guard Column Cartridges with a 10mm ID Prep Column Holder. Click HERE for more information.



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