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Who Should Use AQ™ Brand Vials, Inserts & Caps? 
Anyone who is working with requirements for accuracy in concentration and purity testing in HPLC or GC or working biologicals, natural products or GCMS.

Not all vials are created equal...the sample handling process is one of the most expensive costs in any separation lab and the "final" container that you entrust the sample before analysis is critical. From the container, you do not want or expect to find changes to your samples, diluent or other analytes due to vials or caps which is what AQ Brand vials, inserts & caps are made for. 
Advanced Quality - (AQ™) autosampler vials are made with the customer in mind and are made by the most advanced "converting" processes in the world which is 100% automated. At no point do these vials ever touch any metal or are they touched by human hands. Packaged immediately into our special, extractables free containers, these vials offer you everything you need to know you have the best vial quality possible.

  • Excellent Value / Cost
  • Specifications that exceed demanding laboratory requirements and have virtually no impact on sensitive samples for excellent RSD.
  • Vials that are produced using computerized cameras as they are tooled to assure perfect fit and form in a near clean room environment and not touched by human hands.
  • Made with 1st Hydrolytic, Formula 33 Borosilicate Glass.
  • Caps that do not have extractables even with LCMS or GCMS and do not leak or jam your autosampler.
  • Highest quality inserts available for limited volume applications in both economical and precision mandrel point.
  • Vial and Cap Kits, “Easy Purchase Packs”; one catalog number in one package.

AQ Brand™ vials, use a special formulation of glass tubing stock and tight manufacturing SOP to make this high quality vial with 1st Hydrolytic, TYPE I, 33 expansion formula, borosilicate glass. Inspected by inline vision systems cameras for fit and form, these vials are also QC tested for extractables and cleanliness and can be “certificated” upon request for assurance they passed our tight internal QC demands.
The AQ Brand ™ caps and septa are manufactured the same extremely high standards for extractables, pierce-ability and resealing and these can be Certificated as well upon request. are manufactured in near clean room facilities and are not touched by human hands, then packaged in special shrink wrap containers for no particulate or extractable contamination that can occur in some leading competitive brands.
Developed for the quality control or research laboratory with demanding requirements for accurate and precise results these vials, inserts and caps provide extremely high assurance that they will perform properly. Good chromatography.

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